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Christmas Information

Plants & Product Information: Caring for your Freshly-cut Christmas Tree

  • If you don’t plan on bringing the tree indoors right away, cut one inch off the base, put the tree in a bucket of water and stand it in a shady place outdoors.
  • When you bring the tree indoors, cut one inch off the base of the trunk and place in a tree stand that holds at least one gallon of water.
  • Always keep the tree well-supplied with water! Check the water several times a day. Trees may use several quarts of water a day.
  • Never let the water level fall below the base of the tree! If this occurs, the cut end can seal over, preventing further water uptake. The tree must then be taken down and a fresh cut made to allow water uptake.
  • Do not place the tree near a fireplace, heater vents or other heat sources.
  • Never leave home or go to bed with the Christmas tree lights on.
  • The best way to keep a tree fresh and fire resistant is to keep it supplied with water at all times.

‘tis the season to decorate!

Holiday decorating is fun and easy to do, especially if you get your inspirations from nature.  This season we are excited to help you with all of your holiday decorating needs. Decorate your home with items inspired by nature such as seeded eucalyptus, California pepperberry, magnolia, holly, and boxwood. All of the greens can be used indoors or outdoors.

Necessities for Holiday Crafts

Hot Glue GunFloral Wire Sharp Pruners

Holiday Wreaths: Pinecones, twigs, berries and other greens such as eucalyptus, lemon leaves, magnolia, holly, and boxwood can dress up any evergreen wreath for the holidays.

  1. Start with an evergreen wreath (any size.)
  2. Lay out the design you want on top of the wreath before securing items into place.
  3. Start with one area and wire or glue items into place, working your way around the entire wreath until everything is securely attached.
  4. Hang the wreath up and inspect if you need to add any more touches. This also is a good test to make sure everything is securely attached.
  5. If you want a lighted wreath, add the lights first.

Pinecone Garland:  Adorn mantles, banisters and trees with an easy to make pinecone garland.

  1. Collect two dozen or more pinecones of equal size.
  2. Using florist wire, string the pinecones together by wrapping the wire around each stem and pulling tight.
  3. Camouflage the wire by winding ribbon among the pinecones (chose a color that complements your décor).
  4. Leave enough ribbon at both ends to hang the garland or form bows.
Natural Centerpieces and Mantle Dressings: Show your creative side by constructing a holiday centerpiece filled with festive greens.

  1. Choose a water tight container
  2. Fill with pre-soaked floral oasis
  3. Add cut greens by pushing the stem end into the oasis form.
  4. Keep oasis form moist. Don’t let it dry out. Greens should stay fresh for a week or two.

Evergreen Kissing Ball: Adorn your doorway or party room with an evergreen kissing ball, a fragrant, attractive alterative to mistletoe.

  1. Thread a ribbon through a pre-soak oasis form. Tie ribbon into a bow at the bottom end and leave slack at the top for hanging. Secure the ribbon by inserting a floral pick at the knot.
  2. Push the stem end of your greens about half way into to oasis form. Cover the entire ball in this manner. (If using more than one type of green, fill with one variety leaving small gaps, and then fill in the spaces with the other. This will give the ball a uniform shape.)
  3. Add pinecones and ribbon to give color and dimension.

Festive Baskets: Wondering what to do with your annual planters during the winter? Try a simple and attractive arrangement that will add beauty and color throughout the season.

  1. Remove your summer annuals leaving the soil in the planter.

  2. Fill the planter with freshly cut evergreen boughs such as Fraser Fir and White Pine. Push the bottoms of the branches into the potting soil. (Note: soak the branches in warm water for 24 hours before placing them in the arrangement.)

  3. Add several sprigs of seeded eucalyptus, pepperberry and other fresh greens for more contrast.

  4. Add willow twigs for height and skirt the base with pinecones.

  5. Enjoy throughout the holidays and winter months.

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