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Conifers are fundamental to a well-landscaped home. The contrast of the foliage color and texture blends to provide a year-round presence. Their palate of color ranges from yellow, chartreuse and emerald to silvery-green, gray-blue and plum. No other group of plants provide the gardener with the wide variety of forms and textural compositions. Foliage is usually needlelike or scalelike and growth habits range from spreading, mounding and globe shaped to pyramidal. This is a widely adaptable group of shrubs that prefer most well-drained soils and full sun to part shade. Use evergreens in your landscape and see their beauty endure throughout the year.

SPREADING JUNIPERS: Spreading junipers are one of the most versatile groups of conifers. They are useful specimen in rock gardens or foundation plantings. They act as excellent groundcovers for erosion control or cascading over walls. These evergreen shrubs are low maintenance and grow well in full sun and a variety of soils. The following are varieties of spreading junipers.

UPRIGHT JUNIPERS: These shrubs add a vertical effect to the landscape. Use in foundation plantings, screens or hedges. Shear lightly in early summer to maintain size and shape. They prefer well drained soil and full sun. The following are varieties of upright junipers.

ARBORVITAE: This group of evergreens has flat, fan shaped foliage that is soft to touch. They can grow in sun or shade. In our area, some varieties are susceptible to winter damage caused by snow load or windburn. The following are varieties of arborvitae.

YEWS: This group of evergreens have been used in the landscape for centuries. They provide excellent four-season color and blend well with any type of architectural scheme. They enjoy moist climates, high humidity and partial shade. Good drainage is a must. The following are varieties of yews.

DWARF AND UNUSUAL CONIFERS: This is an exciting new offering in evergreens. They are useful in a variety of garden situations because of their uniform shapes and dense foliage. This unusual group of conifers work perfectly as an accent or specimen plant, adding seasonal color and interest. They are easily maintained and require minimal care. Selections include seed varieties and grafted varieties. The following are varieties of dwarf and unusual conifers.

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