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Fall Clean-up

Landscaping Information: Fall Clean-Up

It’s time to WINTERIZE

Hibernation is upon us. Old Man Winter’s is knocking at the front door while we peek out the window to see the garden commending its spirit to Father Time. Before we gardeners succumb as well to the changing of the season, there are a few tasks to be completed so our havens may awake next spring to greet us with a healthy grin.

Task Result
Water thoroughly throughout fall Water provides essential moisture for plants during dry months of fall & winter. Also prevents roots from freezing (insulates roots).
Mulch everything Maintains soil temperature and helps retain moisture throughout winter.
Fertilize lawn with Greenview Wintergreen Gives lawn a dose of Phosphorous to strengthen, thicken, & make lawn more green.
Wrap trees with Tree Wrap & Tree Guards Protects trees against bark damage due to early frost, hungry rodents, insects, and sun scorch
Clean up vegetable garden Prevents foliage and vegetables from rotting and causing diseases for next year’s crop.
Disinfect containers with bleach; store in dry place Prevents disease/bacteria from surviving year to year and re-infecting plants.
Cover tender perennials, roses, and shrubs with rose cones, burlap, wire cages, or mulch Insulates plants from “head to toe.” Roses need stem and root protection; use a rose cone. Shrubs like their feet covered; mulch around bottom of plant. Most perennials like to sleep under 3” of mulch.

Fresh is defined by the fragrance and taste of culinary herbs. After harvesting the last batch to dry, mulch hardy herbs like mint, thyme, oregano, chamomile, sage & chives. These will rest up in the ground for more production next summer.
But what about basil, rosemary, parsley, lemon verbena and the non-hardy herbs that taste oh-so-good? Dig ‘em up! Find your favorite pot, disinfect with bleach if it was previously used, and move these tender favorites indoors by a sunny window for a sprig of freshness to remind you of sweet sunny summer days.

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