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Flowering shrubs are unmatched for their variety of flower forms and colors, unusual foliage and a wide range of growth habits. This decorative group of shrubs can fulfill a number of roles in the landscape border. Flowering shrubs give breathtaking spring and summer shows, but keep in mind, they may only bloom for a few short weeks. When choosing shrubs for their flowers try to consider when they bloom, how long they bloom and what colors the come in.

  • LILAC: Valued for their fragrant, spring blossoms. Flower colors range from white, pink, lavender, blue, magenta, and dark purple.
  • HYDRANGEAS: Hydrangea bushes provide abundant blooms, in a variety of colors, all summer long. Flower colors range from pure white to chartreuse green and pale pink to vibrant blue. Most blue-flowering varieties will be pink unless you feed regularly with aluminum sulfate. They love an abundance of water, soil rich in organic matter, and regular fertilizing. For successful establishment, they must receive adequate water (irrigation systems do not always provide enough). Even though hydrangea bushes can be a little more demanding than most shrubs, you will enjoy the rewards of your extra efforts.

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