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Ornamental Trees

Landscaping Information: Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees provide a delightful dimension to the landscape. Their annual parade of breathtaking spring blossoms, attractive foliage and colorful fruit fill our seasons with nature’s beauty. In addition to this display, ornamental trees are compact in size enabling them to be placed practically anywhere in the landscape. Their unique shapes range from rounded, columnar, vase-shaped to weeping. These dwarf trees offer unlimited value to any landscape.

Flowering Crabapples

There are few other trees which approach the beauty of the Crabapple in full bloom. Ornamental Crabapples are an outstanding group of small specimen trees for landscape plantings. They are highly valued for their spectacular spring blooms, pleasing foliage, colorful fruit and shape. Varieties have been much improved in recent years and are more resistant to diseases and insects. They are quite adaptable to soil conditions but do the best in moist, well drained soil with an acidic pH (6.5 to 5.0). The following are varieties of Flowering Crabapples.

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