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Landscaping Information: Shade Trees

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is TODAY! Shade trees are the most valuable asset to the landscape. Their stature and gracefulness connect man and nature. They add character and personality to your landscape. Perhaps more importantly, they add VALUE to your property. A good shade tree can also lower cooling and heating costs. When choosing a tree, consider it’s SIZE, FORM, HARDINESS, GROWTH RATE and LANDSCAPE VALUE to suit your individual needs. Plant a shade tree today and enjoy it’s benefits and beauty for decades to come.

  • ASH: Family of trees adaptable to the great plains and widely used in our area.
  • LINDEN: A tall, stately group of trees with numerous landscape uses and values.
  • LOCUST: Handsome, openly-branched trees with fern-like foliage, casting light shade.
  • MAPLE: A large family of trees that range in sizes, shapes, growth rates and colors. Most noted for their spectacular fall foliage. Three major types of Maples exist in this area. Norway Maples, Red Maples, and Other Maples
  • OAK: Family of trees with majestic characteristics. Needs space to grow because of its massive size. The following are varieties of Oak trees.
  • POPLAR: Fast growing family of trees with a wide variety of uses and problems. The following are varieties of Poplar trees.
  • NATIVE VARIETIES: Variety of trees adaptable to the plains states. The following are varieties of Native trees.

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